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The Mystery

Of Loke Lake

A 60- Minute Escape Adventure 

Loke Lake

Taking a whole new level to the idea of "things are not what they seem" we introduce The Mystery of Loke Lake. 60-Minutes, it's up to you to put your sleuthing powers to the test, but you may find out some things are better left unresolved... 


From £18 per 


2-8 People Per Group

100% Private Bookings

The Story...

The Mystery Of Loke Lake welcomes you with a story that will mean you need to use your mind and open up your heart to what is about to transpire.

You and your group are very experienced paranormal investigators with a special interest in demonology. 

It has been a while since you have heard of any interesting cases until you found this story about some suspicious events happening at Loke Lake. Several children have gone missing within a short period of time, and no one can figure out why. The only lead you have is a mysterious cabin that is on the lake's perimeter. Many people are claiming that something paranormal or otherworldly is happening here. 

You and your group have decided to go investigate what is really happening so you can put these rumors and legends to rest and prevent these terrible things from happening again. 

Once you arrive at the lake, you follow a series of clues to what appears to be the bedroom of a boy named Ben. You quickly find some video footage and realize that this paranormal activity is much bigger than you ever expected.

Can you and your team solve The Mystery of Loke Lake?