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Portland Heist

A 60- Minute Escape Adventure 

Portland Heist

Anytime there's money or valuables involved, the stakes are high. Especially when you're toe to toe with someone that will stop at nothing to get what they want. The twist? You're assuming the roles of the thieves. 



£18 per 


2-8 People Per Group

100% Private Bookings

The Story...

Welcome to the modern-day "Heist Job," featuring Vincent Von Tapp, Jeffery Lakeland, and you!
It all starts with art, art collectors, and rivalry. The local auction house was the setting just a few weeks ago when two rival art dealers going by the names of Vincent Von Trapp and Jeffery Lakeland last met.

Available to the highest bidder in this auction was a very distinguished and highly ornate vase. This beautiful item, with its shimmer and design, was uncovered as the Portland Vase. Everyone who viewed it was in awe and envious of just how beautiful it was. Everyone in the business knew that this item would be a highly sought-after auction piece.

Vincent and Jeffery put in a few light bids for the distinguished item, with a few others having some interest in the art piece. The bids were going up, with the starting price being set at £135,000; the first bid came in from the back of the room at £150,000. Vincent cried out £400,000, £700,000, £950,000; the bids were getting higher!

Jeffery saw that it was Vincent placing the bids and went wild! "£1 Million he shouted!"
There were so many gasps in the room. The entire room was watching the battle between the two well-known art collectors. In the City, these two were prominent entrepreneurs.

"£2 Million!" Vincent shouted.

"£2.5 Million!" Jeffery retaliated.

The crowd gasped, and everyone was sat with bated breath, wondering what the next bids would be. All eyes were on the auctioneer with anticipation.

Everyone in the room knew the importance of this piece and was aware that this was going to be a battle. Not only of minds, but bank balances too.

The bids finally slowed down at £7.8 Million!

The auctioneer shouts, "Going Once, Going Twice,"

Vincent throws in a final bid of £117 Million, Jeffery drops his head to the ground.
The auctioneer shouts out again, "Going Once, Going Twice, Sold to Vincent Von Trapp for £117 Million."

There was a loud rumble of applause from the audience.
Jeffery slips out of the auction room unnoticed, but the battle is not finished; the feud has only just begun.

Not to be outdone, plan B was put into practice by Jeffery, who knew that the next step in this plan was that he had to hire the greatest thieves in the world to break into Von Trapp's home and retrieve this work of art. He wants this item, and he is willing to do anything for it.
You have been chosen to be those thieves. Good Luck!