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Christmas At

Logic Box

A 60- Minute Escape Adventure 

Santa and The Missing Pocket Watch

On this epic limited-time escape game, you'll be tasked with saving Christmas as we know it. Logic Box Escape Room Presents: Santa and the Missing pocket Watch! Get your tickets before the game leaves for good early January!


From £18 per 


2-8 People Per Group

100% Private Bookings

The Story...

‘‘Twas the night before Christmas
And all through Santa’s house
A creature is stirring, and it’s no mouse
Mrs. Clause was tidying all through the place
She was cleaning here
And cleaning there
Putting everything back with due care


As Santa was searching for the tools that he needed
There was one tool he could not find
That was the tool to stop time


His watch was gone
But where did it go?
Santa needs help to help him go
Find the watch and save the day
Before Christmas is ruined for everybody