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Who Can Play Escape Rooms?

Hint: It's everyone. Everyone can play escape rooms.


Escape rooms are like being the main character of your favorite video game. You're living through the main storyline. Escape rooms are immersive, story-driven, and full of fun challenges. Set the controller down, and lead your next adventure IN PERSON! 

Do you accept the quest?

Families & Friends

Running out of things to do with your friends and family? Tired of the same "dinner and a movie" night? Well here's your remedy. Escape rooms are the perfect entertainment option for friends and family. 60-minutes in a private escape room game. It doesn't get better than this!

Quick, text your group chat: "it's time for an escape room, at Logic Box"


Year after year, escape rooms have been seen as one of the best team building and bonding things businesses and corporations can do. Forcing team members to work together to succeed in a fun and engaging way. We check all of the boxes when looking for your next team-building venue. 

Slip a note on your boss's desk that says the team requests Logic Box Escape Rooms for the next outing!

Tourists & Travelers

In or near town on a trip? Awesome! We make it really easy to hop right in, with no hassle. Our easy-to-use online booking process is perfect for those on the go trying to fill their itinerary. Don't leave without trying one of our escape rooms!


No matter who you are, what hat or headset you wear, escape rooms are for you! They aren't scary, they aren't hard, you don't have to be "smart", you don't need any prior knowledge. Escape rooms are for everyone!